Friday, October 30, 2015

Last night...

The concert performance in Brooklyn went really well, little sweetheart. A standing ovation, no less, and many in tears, including me, of course. I love telling people about you and talking about you and bringing something of the light you brought into my life to others. I truly believe I was born to be found by you and to love and care for and honor you. And I will do that to my last breath. It just feels right. You are goodness itself. And I long to be with you again in The Forever. With all my love...

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Little sweetheart, here's a pic from the put-in rehearsal yesterday for the concert performance of OF LOVE adaptation tonight. A bit nervous and a bit concerned slightly too hipster a setting but trusting in the faith that when it's all about you, my Angel, it is true. As you famously said to me once and I carry in my heart with gratitude and faith, in the knowledge that we will be together soon in The Forever, "No matter where you are, whether you should be there or not and no matter who is present..." Yes, baby. I believe. And love you forever.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On the air...

We were on the radio again last night, little sweetheart. Irene Trudel played "You Are" from Angels to open her last set. It's our sixth time on her show this year, my darling girl. And she talked about the adaptation of Of Love and Loss and the concert performance for you on Oct 29. It's all for you, little sweetheart. It always is. When I let that guide me, I know I'm doing as I should. It just feels right. It's the only thing that does. Exactly as the song says: "And you're everywhere. In everything. You're all I know." Always be with me, Summer. Don't go too far away. And take me to you soon, won't you, my love? With love & faith... xM

Saturday, October 17, 2015

She's an Angel

Little sweetheart, I'm down the shore in previews for a new play. We had our first two on Thursday, another last night and one more this afternoon before opening later this evening. There have been little receptions at the theatre post-show the last two nights. Yesterday, I met a very nice couple and they turned out to be called Linda and Mike - just like your parents! (your mom just let me know that she is coming two weeks from now all the way from NorCal).

The night before that I was sitting in the lobby during the first reception. I'd found a seat sort of off to the side and was just relaxing. I was pretty beat, animated conversation going on all around me. They'd tuned into some internet radio stream in the booth and were playing it on speakers in both the lobby and theatre. It was some sort of Light 70's Rock kind of thing - James Taylor and Jackson Brown. I was expecting to hear Boz Scaggs any minute. But suddenly I recognized something else. A song I'd sung for you once. A song I'd told you I would want at our wedding if we could someday have one. A song that is very much yours and brings me to tears.

I quickly got up and slipped past everyone in the crowded lobby and found my way into the now empty theatre where I could hear better. It was Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey". It was right at the quiet part where he begins talking and before it builds to climax. I lay there on the floor of the stage and sang along with the chorus which repeats "She's an angel!" over and over and over again. And I cried for you, my little sweetheart. Just like always. I cried with love and gratitude. I cried with longing to be with you again and forever.

You're an angel now, my little sweetheart. An angel of the first degree. How I long to fly to you. Love you forever. Until that day! Until that day...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Love. You. Forever.

October 29

We're going to have what we're calling a "concert performance" of Of Love and Loss, little sweetheart, in Brooklyn later this month. I've written an alt-theatre adaptation of the double-album and we've been working with this very nice woman, Nina Keneally, who has extensive Broadway credits, to bring it to full-realized production in a found, possibly sacred space, later next year.

This "concert performance" will feature Jason & I playing Of Love in its entirety live with a female spoken word artist (our friend Kim Donovan) as narrator. It's all happening on Thursday October 29th as part of R&D Studio's Salon Series.

It's all happening, little sweetheart. It's all happening...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beach love

Remember little sweetheart how you and I used to grab a box of these -they're like little bites of frosted cake- at the Safeway in the Marina and then drive your blue Prius over to the beach and eat every last one, wrapped in each other's arms and looking at the ocean together. Here I am at the other ocean with a box at the ready. Come collect me, won't you, my little sweetheart?

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