Saturday, March 29, 2014

No Deed Will Go Unpunished...

So, I have this old Nokia cellphone. It was the phone I had before and until Summer asked Mike to get me an iPhone for Xmas. For years I've had it plugged in saving my earliest text messages from her. Today I was cleaning and I noticed it wouldn't power up, so I plugged it in in the kitchen and let it charge. I could see the texts, but an alert kept coming up telling me to set the time and date. Finally I did. After that I couldn't get to the text menu. A different alert just kept flashing, "insert smart chip". I could see other options, especially call history, which had Summer's number, date and time of calls. Finally I thought maybe that old trick of turning it off and back on again. Now, it only shows the "insert smart chip alert". Guess I ruined it.

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