Saturday, October 4, 2014

Time Travel, pt 1

For the longest time, little sweetheart, I've come across random works of art and memorabilia that bear uncanny, wonderful resemblance to you. Not unlike the way you come to me in dreams, these images bring my conscious self to you with a hint, a glimpse, a clue, that you are eternal. That we are. That I will be again with you soon and forever. And in a way most wonderful that my mortal mind cannot yet begin to grasp, only take in these little fragments, these slivers of what will be, what always was, and to give me hope and faith to persevere until that day, that blessed day you come for me. It's a rainy Saturday where I am, my love. Lonely and grey. My every thought, my heart and soul yearn for you so. And I will love you forever because it was ever thus. My True Love, my little best friend, my sweetheart, my gorgeous girl. Until that day! Until that day...

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