Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Full Measure of My Devotion

Little sweetheart, one of the things I very much hope to do in the next few months is to mount a performance/installation of the live Of Love and Loss adaptation. I wrote a new draft of it for performance with the band and a female spoken word narrator and I've shared it with a few people, as we look for an opportunity to do just that. This morning, a dear friend of many many years who is a writer herself and whose theatre company in LA, you may remember, did a workshop of a couple of my plays that year that you and I first met, emailed me this morning. Her reply brought me to tears because it is so very much what I hope in my best moments that I am managing to do - to honor you. Here's a little of what she said:

"Hi Michael,

I've read Of Love and Loss.
It is a deeply heartfelt homage to her. You are a beautiful writer and your grief expresses itself poetically, your choice of images, the conversations with the other side that you choose to share, your longing, your guilt, your admiration for her and what she meant to you, all vivid, resonant and poetic. Your writing is dripping with your pain. 

It is sometimes hard for me to see you so subsumed, but it is where you are.  You are doing what you set out to do, which is devote the rest of your life to her. Vocally, loudly, publicly..."

Little sweetheart, that is exactly what I hope I can somehow succeed in doing - to devote the rest of my life to you. Please be with and guide me with your beautiful spirit, won't you? And take me to you the moment God will allow, as soon as He says, "okay". With all my love forever... 

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