Monday, August 22, 2016


Little sweetheart, I'm watching one of our stories, as we used to do together here on the couch curled up in each others arms. You would put your feet across my lap and I would massage them, remember my little sweetheart? You told how important it was to curl up with your partner- me - at the end of the day and watch a story together. I was so proud to be called yours. I still am. Tonight, as always now, I am alone. There's a romantic scene, a lovely one, on a plane, the lovers kiss and I think of you. I haven't thought of how that feels in a long time but it comes back immediately. What a miracle just to kiss you, my little sweetheart. What a miracle to be with and be loved by you. Didn't I often say as much? That you were my miracle? You are. You always will be. Oh, my little sweetheart, what a joyous miracle it was to be with you! May I be returned to you soon. Tonight. By morning. Come for me as soon as heaven will allow. I love and miss you. Achingly. Oh, my little sweetheart! Oh, my love...

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