Saturday, November 5, 2016

Every Day A Treasure

Something made me think about this the other day and I wrote down a little note to myself, sweetheart, about the little drugstore up the street where we used to go. It was too far to walk so we would drive up the long hill past the UCSF hospital as the street narrowed from four lanes to two, veering away from the trolley line of the N Judah. Several intersections after that and then a right turn. And one more quick left turn into the tiny little unexpected parking lot there, only about half a dozen spots in total. We always seemed to pull into the same one. And it was a bit tricky backing up and turning around when we were ready to leave. We'd walk hand in hand into the little pharmacy and you'd pick up whatever prescription you'd had called in. It was a cozy little old place - a Walgreen's, I think - with lots of sundries filling aisles. We'd often get you a treat or two and maybe some gingersnaps for me. I remember sometimes we'd take a little walk a couple blocks north to a deli you liked because they had a special kind of soda you couldn't find anyplace else.

You know little sweetheart, I think I'm thinking about all this because however mundane it might seem, days like these were the most wonderful of my life because they were with you. I love being with you. Being with you doing anything was bathed in a kind of golden halo. I can still feel how special and extraordinary every day with you was. I can almost touch it. Those were the best days of my life. I was born just for them. I don't know why I'm still living, exactly, little sweetheart, and most times I really don't want to go on. But I know I have to wait. Soon enough, you'll come collect me, I hope. I believe with all my heart and pray with all my soul that you will and that we will be together again and forever very soon. Thank you for filling my life with light and love, my little sweetheart. I ache for you today and every day. And I remember. Come for me as soon as heaven will allow, won't you, my love? Yours forever...

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