Sunday, January 29, 2017

Help Me Find It

Little sweetheart, I was running around yesterday trying to get out of the house to go up to The Met so I could renew my membership. I was also meeting a friend there. Sometimes I get an idea or have a thought that I'd like to write about at some length - always about you - but I'm on the run, so I grab a scrap of paper and quickly write down the essence of it so that I can come back later and elaborate. Yesterday, I wrote this on a post-it:

"Find that feeling of our lost life I can nearly touch. Find it inside me and live there (within that feeling) forever." 

It's still here on my desk.

While I was up there at The Met, I saw a stained glass window in The American Wing that looked so much like you that I reached for my phone to take the picture here below. When I did, I saw that I had a message from your mom. I guess you were calling to us both at the same time, weren't you?

Help me to quiet myself today, little sweetheart, today and everyday until Heaven says it's okay for you to come for me. Let me quiet myself and listen for you. Let me quiet myself and feel our life so still nearby. Let me find it and live there again with you now and forever. With all my love...

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