Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Read(y) For You

Little sweetheart, tonight is the anniversary of the terrible accident that took you from me. I'll never forget what a wonderful day we had had right up until the worst, cruelest thing that could ever be. Today is Wednesday, so I went to that little church I told you about to pray and sing and sit quietly and send every thought to you. They asked me to read one of my poems for you, one of the Dream Together poems. It came near the end of the service when we name aloud or silently those dearest ones in our prayers. I spoke a little about you and then read this:

She sent him a dream so he would know. 
And she whispered "remember when you wake." 
It was the spot where she often stood 
on the opposite nearer-than-he-could-imagine middle distant shore. 
Ever faithful. 
Watching the other half of the darkened sky 
for him to pass from his world and fall gliding safely into her own. 
Forever and returned at last. 
Two halves of the same soul.

You are in my every thought and prayer tonight, my angel. And always always will be. With all my love forever.


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