Tuesday, April 4, 2017

On This Day

Little sweetheart, thank you for finding me this morning. This is another one of those dates that sneaked up on me. April 4 is the day I returned to NYC after the tragic events of March six years ago. We had such lovely plans, didn't we, my darling? Blackbird was meant to close a couple of days before, allowing you and I to take a couple of days for ourselves to ensconce alone together in the paradise of the beautiful house and garden in Davis, cooking and cuddling and enjoying the spring entwined. I was to fly out out April 4 and you were meant to join me in NYC two weeks later to continue work on the new album and see Low in Philly on my birthday. Instead my birthday found me giving a speech at your memorial. Forever twinned now that date and you. In a way, I suppose that is as it should be. But in others it aches, as I do so keenly for you. April 4 will always be one of those days, my angel, so very tender still. Thank you for lingering and looking in on me. I can feel you near. Please don't go too far away. And take to you just as soon as heaven will allow. With all my love forever.

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