Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Need To Remember

Oh, little sweetheart if there’s one thing I need most to remember, one thing that helps me stay near and sense you closer than I can imagine, it is to quiet myself and be gentle with all the souls that surround me. To act in love and kindness, even when others are rude or indifferent. You yourself are such a sensitive, kind, lovely soul and you taught me this many times through your selfless acts of love and thoughtfulness.  Help me to remember to do as you have. It keeps me close to you and when I feel that closeness, even separated as we are by this terrible wall of mortality, my heart lightens, my soul lifts, and I can breath a bit easier, knowing that I am doing your will. And that you are near. Thank you, my angel. Please take to you the second heaven will allow, won’t you? With all my love forever.

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