Monday, December 4, 2017

That Movie

Little sweetheart, I’m watching a Christmas movie. Can you guess which one? You used to tease me about this because I'd never seen the movie until you and I were visiting London several years after it came out and I happened upon it on telly (in the front room of Kris & Joy’s house in Kentish Town).

After that I bought the DVD and you would say "are you watching that movie AGAIN?!" But the thing that you don't know, my angel (or maybe you do- honestly, I think you know most everything) is that you cracked my chest open with your radiant love and left my heart so full I feel so much more and it can't be stopped, my darling girl.

I think The Guardian famously gave this film half a star. Not even one whole one. But I'm an easy mark for the sentimental. You found and loved me. And that makes all the difference.

Yes, I'm watching it again. And missing you. With all my love forever.

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