Tuesday, March 8, 2016

About today...

March 8th was a Tuesday then, also, little sweetheart. Our last day together began so beautifully. My last time waking up with you in my arms, wrapped around me in your inimitable fashion, your sweet little head on my chest, your feet wrapped around my ankles. Later we had a bit of breakfast and rehearsal early in the Mission. But the space was double-booked so Frenchie had to make a few calls and get us time at ACT. It was a gorgeous spring day and even with working all day, we had a chance to get outside. Starting early meant we finished early and we drove over to Andronico's to get groceries. The new Adele record was out and you were singing the single all the time. Just breaking into song. My angel! You did so in the parking lot there and I gathered you into my arms and showered you with a thousand little kisses as you dropped from your head voice into your chest voice. ""I love it when you sing", I told you. We were always leaping into each others arms in that parking lot for some reason. Other places, too, of course, but it seemed we couldn't get out of the car and make the short walk to the front doors without gathering each other up in an embrace. I'll never forget one lady stopping once and calling over to us, beaming, "I can't stand it! You are so adorable!"I can't believe I was so lucky to ever have been found by you, Summer. I can't believe that you're not here right now. I know you are in a way, in every way that you can be, calling to, encouraging and comforting me from The Forever. But, god, I miss you my darling. I'm so glad we had such a beautiful day that day, that last day, until, it became the worst day. And I love you, my little sweetheart. I love you with all my heart and soul. Love you forever.

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