Friday, March 18, 2016

We'll All Go Together

Tonight is the bitter anniversary of your passing, my little sweetheart. I've been trying to keep busy and to honor you all day. We're working on the new album. It's basically completed recording-wise, we're heavy into mixing just now. But something else came up today... I heard a song on WFMU on Irene's's show Tuesday night. It’s a traditional Scottish song that I first heard in Ireland. Remember, my sweetheart? I sang it for you in the pub in Kilcrohane when we were there. I never tried to play it on guitar before. But it got into my head and I tried working it up Wednesday. I figured out the melody line but I couldn’t cop the chords and I was getting very frustrated. Finally, a little voice told me to stop, have something to eat and DRINK SOME WATER and watch Rachel Maddow. I wonder who that could have been? Anyway, I left it alone. I got up this morning and was mixing all day until Jason was meant to arrive for practice. We got set up about to run through all 16 tracks of the new record in its entirety when I suddenly I decided to try and play the Scottish song again, much more simply. We both were in tears. At the end of practice, we played it twice more and then he had to go. I sat down and recorded this over the last couple of hours. I think we may work more on it but somehow, this just felt right. Like you led me to it. I made this little video to go with it. The whole thing recorded, mixed, video, released to honor your memory on this day. I know, I just know that you are with me, my angel. And soon we'll be one once more. Yes, my sweetheart. And We’ll All Go Together. With all my love... xM

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