Saturday, April 16, 2016

On this day...

When I looked into Facebook this morning, little sweetheart, there was a "memory" there of a text post, a status update with a list of song titles. It ended with an ellipsis, mid-set list and the word "more", although clicking on it didn't reveal any more of the original post. Nonetheless, I recognized immediately that the collection of song titles was the set list of the wonderful Leonard Cohen show you took me to for an early birthday present. You'd already gotten tickets - super secret, you told me - for something closer to the day but this was something you couldn't resist, so you wanted to take me to see this too, my little sweetheart. No one ever does things like that for me. Only you. And what a great night it was. The concert was in a beautiful restored art deco theatre in Oakland (could it have been the Paramount, maybe?) that reminded of Radio City. We had fantastic seats far down in the orchestra, a little to house right on the aisle. He came out and played a wonderful 90 minute set and we were totally knocked out, only to discover that he was taking a short break and coming back for another hour-long second one. When the show was over, we walked holding hands sweetly, into the warm spring California night and drove back across the bridge to San Francisco and your neighborhood of the Inner Sunset. Before we got to your house, we stopped off at a deli there, on Judah, I think, for a treat to take home. You went straight to the ice cream freezer and then beckoned me over. "I think you better come here," you said. You pointed to a special edition pint of Ben & Jerry's Gingersnap. "Oh, my god," I blurted. "Better get two of them," you replied. I think every day I was with you, my little sweetheart, vies for the title of Best Day of My Life. I love you with all my heart and soul. And I can't wait to be called and returned to you in The Forever. My darling, soulmate, true love, best friend. Wonderful, magical you.

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