Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dream Together Dreams

We're about to start recording basic tracks for the new record, Dream Together, little sweetheart and I have to say that you have helped me write at least half of them, maybe more. I’ve got 12 new songs, my sweetheart, and more and more they’ve come straight from dreams. Literally straight from dreams of and with you. I’ve awoken again and again with a melody and sometimes even the lyrics still ringing through my brain as I reach for my phone, my eyes still closed, singing all I can remember into the Voice Memo app. Usually it’s the middle of the night, so later when I get up in the morning, I go back and listen, picking up my guitar and stepping on the delay pedal, figuring out the chords and filling in the missing bits. This morning was the latest, our 12th song for the album. In the dream I was working in some arts space. Like getting things ready for an installation or maybe even a play. I’m not sure. A big open loft like space, volunteering with others, friends we know, little sweetheart, although I can’t think exactly who each of them were just now. I was filling up a cardboard box with some things. We were packing things up, tidying, moving things about. And four guys, our friends, were carrying something large all together. Something that needed four pairs of hands to move. And as they walked by they were all singing the same song in unison. Four voices in unison. A kind of anthem. And in the dream, carrying on working, I thought to myself, “what a pretty song”. Ya know? The way I often dream with you. Like we’ll be listening to the radio together in a dream, you and I, and suddenly I’ll wake up and realize it’s not a song on the radio, it’s a song that you’re giving to me from The Forever. It’s a song you & I are writing right now! Right this minute in the space between worlds where we can find each other. In sleep. In dreams. In this one I got both the lilting melody as it rose and fell and the wonderful main lyric, too - “she hears you calling”. Little sweetheart, I worked on it just before practice and then when Jason arrived it was the first thing we played. My darling, I didn’t realize how potent this magic title is. I picked it because the record was becoming something more than the “Double Exposures” project we began inspired by those great photos Jacs took superimposing you and I over each other, entwined in word and being. I’d hit on it because we’re using the photo of you and I wrapped around each other on the studio floor in San Francisco, holding each other, our eyes gently closed. I’ve always called that picture “Dream Together”. But as Jason said after I’d wept my way through another chorus, titling the album Dream Together has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Dreaming together is exactly what we’re doing, you and I, little sweetheart. And you are, as ever, leading and gifting me, my beautiful angel. Thank you. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to know: you hear me calling. Love you forever.

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