Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Every morning as I wake, every night before I go to sleep and every moment in between, you are in my thoughts, my little sweetheart. Remember what I said the other day? About playing one of the new songs and I sank to the floor weeping and just said that every day I still imagine somehow you will come back? I'm still waiting for you to. I feel your presence and our lost life together like a phantom limb and I ache for you deep inside my being. I heard this song last night and wept- not only because of its tenderness or its longing or its lyrics which so match my soul's wish to flee my body and fly to you wherever you are - but because I know that had you heard it first, you would have bought it and sent it to me in an email. Your love, my little sweetheart, was and is always like that - boundless, unabashed, courageous, without caution, never playing it cool, brighter than the sun, and it saved me. I know you must be near. Some unknown sense within me can almost touch you and take your hand. Please let it be so. I will follow. With all my love forever...

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