Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tonight I'm thinking...

Little sweetheart, it was six years ago we went on our great trip to Ireland. I'm thinking of that tonight. It was so good to be there with you. When we first met, you were so interested to know that I had been there so many times. And you were so excited and wanted me to take you too. I'm so very very glad we did that. I almost didn't take my iPhone with me - I had a cheap little UK phone I always activated as soon as I got to London and that's what I used to text and make calls while there, but I brought the iPhone anyway and I'm glad I did because I used it to take pictures. And we must've taken at least 300 of them. I have so many wonderful pictures of you in Ireland, little sweetheart, and a good many too of us together. In not a few of them, you're wearing that big black sunhat of yours. I have it here. Your mom gave it to me. A couple of birthdays ago, she sent me a big box with a couple of those lovely monogrammed Serafin bath towels and a few other things and that pretty hat of yours. She attached a beautiful pin to it. The pin is a seahorse- one of your favorites- and she said in the thoughtful letter she included, that pinning that seahorse to the hat was something she thought you might do yourself. As you would say as "one of your tricks". That lovely hat sleeps next to me, little sweetheart. It rests along with a purple shirt of yours on the pillows -your pillows - beside me. I fall asleep every night and wake up every morning with it beside me. And I'm thinking of that right now before I go to sleep now. I'm thinking that and saying to you as I often do - because I talk to you all the time, I'm sure you can hear me - I love being with you. I love being with you, Summer. I love you with all my heart and soul. Come collect me soon, maybe even in my sleep tonight, won't you? I love being with you. Let it be forever.

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