Friday, December 28, 2018

Around Me, Home

I flew home to NYC on the overnight flight from SMF last night, little sweetheart, and arrived early this morning. It’s a cold, grey, rainy day here and I spent nearly all of it asleep after taking the AirTrain and “E” train home, climbing the stairs and dropping my luggage in the kitchen.

When I awoke, it was twilight, the day vanished behind me but my heart full and comforted with your things and hundreds of pictures all around me. I somehow get used to it when immersed, surrounded by what Sylvia calls “the heavy walls” of this place. But after being away for nearly a month it both strikes and comforts me to be home with your presence both spectral and photographic all around me.

How grateful I am for you. How grateful I am to you. How very much and deeply I love you. Forever, little sweetheart. Forever.

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