Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Tree

We got the tree, little sweetheart. It’s much earlier than usual. Often it isn’t until the 23rd or so that we managed it but we went over to the place tonight and picked it out and they delivered it an hour or so later. It’s full and beautiful and we’ve decorated it with lights and ornaments.

I carefully chose a few and hang them -  one is beautiful little cupcake which so reminds me of you - and your mom tops the tree with the beautiful red headed angel, whose wings unfurl and whose arms open to embrace and invite our spirits to find each other with generosity and love, just as you so exemplify and taught me.

Over the days and nights to come, little sweetheart, I know I will come quietly into this room, sitting before this tree, gazing at it and thinking of you, in quiet contemplation. How I love and long for you, my little sweetheart. Please always be with me. And take me to you the moment Heaven will allow. With all my love forever. At Christmas!

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