Friday, December 21, 2018

In Your Holy Room

I’m in your room in Davis, little sweetheart, sitting at your desk and writing you a letter, a note of love.

Just entering at the door, turning the handle and walking over the threshold, your holy presence and everlasting goodness overwhelmed me, as does the flood of memories of our times here together - waking with you under the canopy of your bed, hearing birdsong as we would stir and rise, distant train whistles and nearby owls as we lay quietly entwined at night.

You are the blessing and reason, you are my life, my love. How I long for you! I’d so like to just stay here, closing my eyes and wait for you to lightly touch my shoulder, call to me, crawl into my lap and tell me you’re back or perhaps rather that I have joined you, found my way faithfully back to your side, this time forever.

It’s so hard to leave this place, little sweetheart. Didn’t you always say so? But I know and pray we will return, perhaps we have always been right here and are even now, although I can’t see or understand that quite yet, I know that you will show me, teach me, guide me, as you always do.

I’m sitting in your holy room, little sweetheart, and all my thoughts fly to you. With all my love.

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