Sunday, May 15, 2016

Meeting place

Little sweetheart, an online friend, a dear one from Poland, who lost her true love just two years before your tragic passing but who has such strong faith that we will all be together again in the Forever, wrote me something beautiful today and I want to share it. She read that I had that little star named for you, my darling, and she said this:

"It all means something, She knows the surprise you made for Her. I bet THIS will  be the place you two meet :*
not now, one day, but the venue is settled." 

I love that, don't you, little sweetheart? That you know. That it is a surprise - a sweet one, I hope - to you. And that that is the place where we will meet, where I will fly to when I die and you will be waiting to collect me. Oh, little sweetheart, I can hardly wait!!

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