Monday, May 16, 2016


I'm getting dressed for a run, little sweetheart, listening to Lanterns On The Lake, and I just thought of a dream I had a while ago and I wondered if I'd ever told you about it. In the dream we were in the kitchen at your parents house and your brother Jesse - who I never got to meet because he passed just less than a year before I met you - was there and so were your mom and dad and a few other people and then you arrived. I'm not sure how. You might have even materialized. But there you were. And I rushed to you and gathered you in my arms and cried and cried and cried and held you so very tightly that Jesse, who I'd only just met, began to tease me a little. But then everyone was so kind because they understood. And Jesse and your mom and you yourself spoke quiet and kindly and smiled at me and said it was okay, it was okay now, you would never be apart from me again, it was okay to let go of you for a minute, you would be right here with me, with us all. And everything would be okay, little sweetheart. Life - the beautiful life we had would be made one again. And we would always have each other. Forever.

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